Social Media

Your social media pages give customers a glimpse into the heart of your brand and the values it holds. Your potential customers look at every aspect of your page and consider each element when they form an opinion of your brand. A company that doesn’t have complete social media pages could be at a disadvantage over other businesses that do. Brick House being a leader of marketing in Tampa Bay area, we can help you create a strong social media presence. Set your brand up for success and take advantage of our branding packages and your business will be putting its best foot forward.

Graphic Elements

A picture is worth a thousand words, and your profile pictures and cover photos are prime spots to say a lot about your brand without saying anything at all. Our social media branding packages include graphics to help you make the most of your pages. All custom graphics are crafted with social media use in mind and be optimized for various platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We’re happy to work with your existing logo and branding theme or make suggestions on how to refresh your brand’s look.

Initial Profile Setup

Each social media platform has its own setup requirements and recommended practices for businesses. Unlike personal pages, a social media page for a business can have an impact on the company’s SEO ranking. Our team has helped hundreds of businesses in the past to launch their social media pages and is up to date on the latest and best practices.

Social Media and Web Design

Your social media pages should be represented on your website and encourage customers to interact with you across all platforms. Being active on social media could lead to more sales and a higher level of recognition in the community. Contact us to learn about how your website design can be enhanced to include your social media and build your brand’s positive image on review or directory listing sites. Use the best marketing in Tampa Bay, no one handles social media like Brick House.

Benefits of Setup Social Media Pages

Social media pages offer your business a variety of different benefits. Some are in more direct ways and others could surprise you. Here are some of the benefits that our customers who have social media pages in place receive:

  • More contacts via phone, email, website and social media
  • Customers who come in asking about specific products or services they saw online
  • More views to your website, which increases SEO rankings over time
  • Favorable reviews and mentions on social media from shoppers to their peers
  • More likes and engagement on social media posts
Different Packages Available

Whether you’re just looking for social media setup and branding or something more, we offer a variety of affordable web design packages that work for all budgets. If you’re looking for something more, consider our comprehensive logo and branding packages. To learn more about branding or web design contact us.

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