Case Study: Rebranding & Custom API Integration

Our strategic collaboration empowered Greylock’s rebrand, transforming their website through custom API integration.

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Greylock Storage Case Study

Recently Greylock Storage, a long-time client of ours, reached out about an exciting rebranding initiative. Looking to refresh their brand identity from their previous name Mullen Storage, Greylock leveraged our expertise at Brick House Web Design in executing strategic rebrands through our services covering web design, API integration, branding, and UX optimization.

With close collaboration, we successfully transformed Greylock’s online presence to align with their new brand vision. The end result was a completely refreshed digital experience, ready to support Greylock’s continued growth and innovation with Brick House as a trusted partner every step of the way.


One of the biggest challenges was building a custom API integration with their existing StorEdge FMS platform from scratch, as no existing plugin fit Greylock’s specific use case and business needs. Our team worked diligently to devise a digital marketing strategy that allowed real-time unit availability, pricing, payments, and rentals to take place directly within the newly redesigned website.

With constant communication and collaboration with Greylock and the StorEdge API team, our developers were able to overcome each obstacle presented during this intricate integration process.

Greylock Storage Before and After

Our Approach

We started the project by focusing on two key things:

Regular Check-ins – From the very beginning, we made sure to meet and communicate regularly with Greylock’s team. This helped us fully understand what problems they wanted to solve and what goals they had in mind. Their input directly shaped the solutions we created.

Initial Research – We thoroughly examined Greylock’s current website, SEO rankings, and customer experience. This gave us crucial information about what needed to be improved. It helped us map out a plan tailored to their specific needs.

These upfront steps were vital to guiding our work in the right direction. By collaborating closely and doing our research, we could focus on fixing Greylock’s main challenges. As questions came up during the project, we maintained constant communication. This flexibility allowed us to adjust when needed. Working hand-in-hand with Greylock led to better solutions optimized for their business.


To successfully transition Greylock to an integrated, customer-focused platform, our teams executed coordinated strategies across key areas:

Building a Custom API Integration

A custom plugin was crucial to sync Greylock’s website with their StorEdge back-end in real-time. Our developers built this integration from scratch, as no existing solutions met the specific use case. The plugin connects to StorEdge’s API endpoints to pull unit data, rental status, and enable online payments.

We implemented webhooks to sync real-time unit availability, pricing, and rentals seamlessly between the front-end website experience and StorEdge. As updates occur in StorEdge, the website reflects these changes instantly.

Building this level of customization required tight collaboration between our developers and StorEdge’s API support team. During development, we worked through API documentation, identified potential roadblocks, and optimized performance.

Design & User Experience

A key goal was optimizing the new on-site rental checkout process for higher conversions, especially on mobile devices. The previous off-site system created a poor experience for mobile users. Our redesigned process provides the availability, pricing, and transaction capabilities directly within the site. This consolidated experience streamlines unit rentals in an intuitive way optimized for any device size.

Throughout development, we emphasized responsive design and ongoing user testing to meet mobile needs. By focusing on these aspects, customers can seamlessly rent units regardless of how they access the website. The end result is a checkout flow that caters to modern mobile usage.

SEO Transition Strategy

One of the major challenges when rebranding is maintaining hard-earned SEO rankings and authority. Simply changing the brand name and website URLs can negatively impact standings. Our search engine optimization team put careful planning into this transition to prevent any losses.

We began by auditing existing rankings and target keywords. From these insights, we crafted the SEO content strategy for the new site. We also implemented 301 redirects from old URLs to new ones. This passes link equity to the new pages. Additionally, we optimized page titles, meta descriptions and content with primary keywords.

Search Engine Optimization

Through forward-thinking techniques like redirect mapping, optimizing pages for top terms, and actively monitoring results, our SEO team ensured a smooth transition that retained and even boosted Greylock’s online presence.

Ensuring Security

With customers now entering personal information directly on the site, ensuring their security became a top priority We implemented encryption and protocols to safely collect and store sensitive user data.

Sensitive customer data is encrypted securely in the database. Regular audits assess potential vulnerabilities, allowing our team to continually optimize security measures based on the latest best practices. Custom firewall rules offer added filtering against attacks.

While an API integration expands capabilities, it also increases the attack surface. Our layered defense prioritizes safeguarding user data above all else. Ongoing diligence in this area establishes confidence in the platform.

Marketing & Outreach

To build interest and traffic to the new website, we initiated pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to complement the existing ongoing SEO.

After thorough keyword research, ads were deployed across search engines like Google targeting relevant buying terms. The landing pages and ad copy were optimized to boost clickthrough rates.

In the early stages, A/B testing of different ad variations allow us to refine messaging and improve conversions. As the campaigns progress, ongoing tweaks based on performance data will be made to maximize ROI.

The combined efforts of strategic PPC and SEO provide both immediate and long-term visibility for Greylock’s rebrand. The early optimizations demonstrate the success in driving more qualified traffic to the site.

Scalability & Future Proofing

The site was built using modern solutions focused on performance, scalability, and security. This foundation enables adding new capabilities and locations without disruption.

The platform can easily scale to handle increased traffic and transactions as Greylock grows. New locations can also be added seamlessly without needing to rebuild the site. The infrastructure was designed with headroom to support future demands.

Additionally, the custom API integration and modular codebase allow new features to be integrated. As Greylock’s needs evolve, the site can expand without compromising speed or stability.

Greylock Storage Case Study

The Results

Since launch, the new website and integrated platform has seen fantastic results. There has been a notable increase in online rentals and website traffic, with over 800 sessions and more than 50 first-page Google rankings.

Greylock has been very happy with the final product and smooth user experience throughout the rebranding process. Our comprehensive approach eased their transition from outdated systems to centralized, mobile-friendly solutions tailored specifically for their business.

Future-Ready Platform

The new website and integrations established a strong foundation for Greylock Storage’s continued evolution. The site is now primed for scalability, security, and flexibility for years to come. Our work solved previous pain points related to poor mobile experience and decentralized rentals while introducing new features for growth.

Ongoing optimization of SEO strategies and pay-per-click campaigns by Brick House furthers the success by driving traffic and conversions over time. With a new brand, website, and functionality, Greylock Storage is well-positioned for expansion to new locations and markets in the future.


This ambitious rebrand demonstrates Brick House‘s broad expertise across design, development, SEO, and digital marketing. Greylock now has a future-ready platform that solves previous issues while enabling growth.

As our partnership continues, we look forward to further optimizing the customer journey and capabilities. Ongoing collaboration will ensure this solution revolutionizes Greylock’s business for years to come.

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