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Beautiful websites, more conversion and increased revenue at competitive pricing – what’s not to like?

Maximize Your
E-Commerce Sales

Get your online business off the ground.

Your website is the core of your e-commerce strategy. It is a virtual storefront, a place of business, a digital salesman. If you want to maximize conversion rate and boost your sales you must pay attention to all the essentials: attractive design of a landing page, eye-catching call-to-action buttons, compelling content and meaningful images. For this reason our Berkshire team makes sure that your online store looks great, but is also clear, simple, and easy to use. We look from user’s perspective to achieve that people-centered look and feel of your eCommerce store that will inspire action and generate success.

Beautiful Design

Using over 10 years of best practices combined with latest web design trends, your site will make your brand look & feel modern and professional.

Super Fast

Clean, efficient code means that your error-free website will always load fast, ensuring that your visitors remain fully engaged & ready to purchase.

Mobile Friendly

Over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile phones. Your site will be fully responsive to all screen sizes to provide the optimal browsing experience.

Sell Sell Sell

Your site will be built on an eCommerce-first platform that maximizes sales, offer up-sell opportunities, and incentivize customers to buy more.

Efficient, Flexible
E-Commerce Web Design

Take your online business to the next level.

We know that when it comes to e-commerce, a fast, straight-forward and convenient transaction is vital to engage your audience and lead them to convert. At Brick House Web Design we only use cutting-edge individualized e-commerce software to help increase web traffic and boost your sales. Our team leverages technologies and data to help transform your website into a dynamic purchasing experience that will assist in engaging, motivating and ultimately driving your customer to purchase through your site. Contact our Berkshire Massachusetts team to receive a strategy of services proposal designed for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The platform can support unlimited products: from a boutique store to an online shopping mall our Pittsfield team does them all.

Brick House supports unique title tag, keyword, meta tag, and product description fields to help you get search engine visibility down to the product level.

Our Berkshire team offers all the latest marketing and up-sell features including; gift certificate, wish list, tell-a-friend, featured and related products, all seamlessly integrated into one platform with no third-party solutions.

Brick House currently integrates with USPS, UPS and Fedex for real-time shipping rate quotes. Shipping label integration with tracking numbers is available for UPS. UPS provided printers as well as standard laser printers are supported.

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Our expert team in Berkshire Massachusetts specializes in branding, web design and online marketing. We build strategic, engaging experiences that reinforce credibility, communicate key messages and turn prospects into profits.