Website Maintenance

A website is designed to be a living element that is consistently updated with content and refreshed to comply with latest practices. Choose a St Petersburg web design company to keep your website maintenance under control.

Why Maintenance is so Important

Whether your site is run off of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or something else, security updates are regularly released for site administrators. These updates patch vulnerability points that could leave your site exposed for unauthorized hackers. In addition to security updates, releases often include bug fixes that can enhance the speed and overall performance of your site. A site that isn’t updated frequently is going to rank lower in search engines over time, as large engines like Google prefer to feature sites that update content over others who don’t.

Why Hire St Petersburg Web Design Pros for Website Maintenance?

Allowing St Petersburg web design experts to perform updates means that the functionality and design elements of your site will remain in place as intended. All sites are under constant supervision and get priority treatment in the event of an outage. Because each website’s maintenance needs are different, our plans are affordable and offer different levels of service. Excellent customer service and individualized attention comes standard with all packages!

More Reasons to Love Our Website Maintenance Packages:
  • All sites are updated to the latest versions as soon as they are available
  • Routine backups are performed to keep your data safe in case of emergency
  • Each update and plugin will be evaluated for compatibility before being updated.

Different Options for All Types of Businesses

The needs of a popular online e-commerce store are going to differ from the site needs of a small business owner in the St Petersburg area. Naturally, we have different packages available to help you get everything you need at a fair price. For medium to large sized businesses and all companies that have an e-commerce element, our premium level maintenance is suggested. This offers complete coverage across all fronts and additional benefits like spam moderation, forum maintenance, and small coding changes. Small businesses would benefit most from our standard level maintenance package. Taking advantage of a monthly service gives you the peace of mind as a business owner that your website is safe and sound. Due to the nature of the website maintenance packages, a limited amount of clients are accepted into each. As needed by the hour website maintenance services are also available.

It’s our goal to act as a support system to your business to allow your business to continue doing what it does best. If you have any questions on our packages or need help deciding on what service would be beneficial to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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