Web Hosting

Why is Web Hosting Important?

The hosting company you choose for your website is ultimately responsible for your site being up and running 24/7 to anyone who should search and land on your page. Choosing a web hosting company that understands the way servers work and how to balance traffic is critical for your site’s performance. If a site doesn’t have enough server resources devoted to it, it could crumble under medium to heavy traffic and suffer from frequent outages. If it manages to stay up and running, it could run incredibly slow. Sites that consistently perform at a slow rate or are frequently down are penalized by search engines.

Affordable Pricing and Flexible Needs

Each website’s needs are unique, and there shouldn’t be a one size fits all for hosting. We offer a variety of website hosting packages to fit the traffic needs of your website. All packages

  • Attractive and affordable pricing for local businesses in need of smaller hosting packages
  • The power and capability to handle the needs of high traffic businesses and bustling e-commerce companies
  • Website hosting from Tampa experts who are familiar with the ins and outs of servers and capacity management

Complementing Web Hosting Services

In addition to basic hosting packages, our experts can set up SSL certificates and integrate third party payment processors. SSL certificates show your customers that you’re serious about their security and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to keep their data safe and offer them a secure place online to purchase products and services. It’s a must have for any e-commerce site, regardless of the amount of sales they do each month. Choosing to use a third party payment processor is also a smart way to offer security to your customers. Many online shoppers are familiar with the largest processing companies and could be more likely to purchase knowing that you’re endorsed by their services.

Out of Site, Out of Mind

Switching website hosting companies is incredibly easy and is a decision that you’ll feel good about for months to come. Our Tampa web hosting professionals will take care of the process and keep you in the loop every step of the way. Once hosting is in place, it’s simply not something you will need to think about again! The best hosting is a service that is forgotten. Meaning that since your website is always up and loading at lightning speed, it’s never something you have to question.

Website Maintenance

A site that receives frequent maintenance and updates is also one that’s going to perform better in search engines and load faster. Learn more about how website maintenance goes hand in hand with web hosting.

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