PPC Advertising

Your customers know what they want, they just need to be introduced to your company. Get a little help with targeted marketing, PPC advertising services from an Tampa web design company.

Google Ad Words Campaigns

Leverage the world’s largest search engine to reach the customers in your community who are conducting dozens of searches each day. Potential shoppers are constantly on their phones, tablets, and computers to search for latest deals and local store information, just like you are now for Tampa web design services! Work with us to create a rock-hard Google Ad Words campaign that will lead your ideal customer right to your website. We have extensive experience in identifying the best keywords and making Google work for you. Campaigns can be set up on all types of budgets and can be modified at any time to fit your needs. Choose from a PPC style (read more on this below) or choose to pay per impression. Our SEO experts will be happy to discuss the differences in detail with you.

PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click Advertising)

Unlike ads that cost per impression, (each time they’re displayed on someone’s screen) PPC advertising means that you’ll only pay when an interested person clicks your advertisement and comes to your website. This can have its advantages if your business is looking to attract a very specific type of customer. Our advertising team is familiar with PPC advertising and can not only set up the campaigns but incorporate them into well thought out and complementing landing pages on your website.

A Well Rounded Approach

Effective advertising needs to be built on a solid foundation that considers all elements of SEO. Here’s a sneak peek into how we do just that:

  • Intensive keyword research
  • Creation of long tail keywords and area specific keywords
  • Identify your target audience
  • Tweak advertising to reach that audience
  • Compelling copy and native Tampa web design that converts prospects into customers.

Landing Pages and Website Design

With advertising comes a need for a website that looks great and provides your clientele with the information they need. In addition to PPC advertising, Ad Words and general paid advertising, we offer a suite of affordable web design services. Invest in your business with responsive web pages that are mobile friendly and display across all types of tablets and monitor sizes. Let your site highlight your products and services in a way that’s also friendly for search engines and overall lead conversions.

Get Your Site Ready for Advertising

Consider tuning up your website before pursuing advertising to ensure that the new visitors have a flawless experience. If your site isn’t loading as fast as it should or isn’t up to date on security methods, higher traffic could have adverse effects. Learn more about our website maintenance services. Various packages are available to fit the needs of every website.

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