Benefits of SEO and a Quality Website

Benefits of SEO and a Quality Website

Web design can create a new marketing channel for your business and search engine optimization will help you be found in Google. Many websites have come and gone. The best web sites that last are those that are the most friendly and useful.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is thinking a site is a advert this is not true ask yourself do you turn your TV set on to see advertisements ? You turn it on for content, movies, TV show’s so why would a web site be any different? Your website should be interesting and give real value to the person who is looking at it.

A restaurant website should include a menu and a reservation system. A shop web site should have its phone number and it should include an address. Electrician’s, plumber’s and garages should document what they fix and show people photos. The above is not only great for customers but it helps you beat the competitors.

What should I call my first page? Try using the name of your business name then your keyword that you want to be found for. Google like’s brands so brand your business and specialise in your subject.

For Phil’s laptop repair your title would read Phil’s laptop Repair have your logo as your home page and the first page could be called laptop repair or laptop repair services. For Duncan’s coffee shop would have the home page as a logo and the first page called coffee or if you don’t have much coffee you could have a menu.

Pictures paint 1000 words this is true to a certain extent if you have a website include pictures of what you do. For web design you could have a picture of three websites you already have done. For a takeaway service you could have your main meal’s pictured with the prices. For a hotel you would have a picture one of your rooms and prices.

Should I have a contact form on my website? Yes contact forms are important but only take what information you need to process a customer. According to quick sprout “Fewer form fields = greater conversion” So keep your contact form basic and only take the information you need such as name and email address.

Should I include my linked Facebook and twitter on my webpage? Yes so people can learn more about you and what you have to offer. You can also include sharing buttons on your website to increase the share ability.

Reviews are also great and help with SEO if you have reviews in different places point them to your website customers love reviews if you have bad ones do answer them and deal with them rather than deleting them.

Benefits of SEO

  • You have targeted your website which helps search engines put you in the right category to be found.
  • You have a contact form on your site with as few parts as possible so more people will contact you.
  • You have linked to reviews and the reviews are linking to you so Google can start to trust you.
  • You have learned that pictures are great and will help your customer know exactly what you are selling.
  • For some bonus points off search engines you can include a blog, How to find you, videos, great content.

All the above will help your site. The more friendly your site is the more people will want to use it. Remember it is not you who will use your website but it will be your customer’s or client’s.

Unfriendly website characteristics

  • Not specializing in a subject or even worse thinking you have to serve everyone.
  • Not including your address and having a po-box address.
  • Trying to sell to people before they even know you.
  • Pop ups these just annoy people.

Think you have something even more important that we have missed? Give us a comment.

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