8 Web Design Trends of 2015

8 Web Design Trends of 2015

Mobile and Responsive Web Design

Mobile is one feature that was overlooked by many firms but mobile usage has been growing for the last few years. Users look at websites on smart phone and then laptop or tablet, according to Google research.

"82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones on purchases."


Bootstrap started its life with twitter but now a popular front-end development framework. More and more designers and developers are using bootstrap. We have a few reasons bellow as to why! Integration you have to love something that works on WordPress, Drupal, and Magento. Documentation there is plenty of helpful guides to integrate Bootstrap. Bootstrap can also be programmed to make your site more responsive. DIY choose the parts you like and ditch the parts you don’t need.

Integration With Other Devices

Gone are the days when your site was just for one website today you can use your site to feed into other apps such as those on your smart phone. An app working with a website brings you another chance to get your message across. If you have a website there is no harm building an app to go with it.

UX (User Experience)

One trend that you may well see with web design is that web sites are becoming user friendly and more secure. On your website your goal should be to provide a great user friendly experience. The more obstacles that you put in the way of people the less likely they will buy from you. On the other hand the faster and more useful your site is the more likely you are going to build a trust and sales. If you have an ecommerce store its worth getting an https certificate but be warned it can slow your site down.


Content delivery networks keep growing and they help to deliver your content quicker plus more secure. An even bigger trend we will see is mullti use of content delivery networks. One network that deals with security. The other one will deal with getting content quicker. Not every site has a CDN it’s a trick well worth a bit time and investment. If you want to start off head over to cloud flare as they have free plans available.

Small videos embed into headers

One trend that will make your site look great is embedding a small video or some nice photos it’s still taking off with video. Just make sure that you don’t flip the switch with auto play for videos.


Hacking and internet scams are on the increase make sure you have a clean backup of your site and if you are adding regular content check for files that suddenly start appearing or a sudden increase in traffic. To be safe keep a backup of your site then if things go wrong you just need to re-upload your website.


HTML 5 the newer version of html. HTML5 is currently the one of the Leading Tech Job Trends. Not only is it a skill which can be taken away you can do newer things such as embedding video which is now easy to integrate. Video now doesn't require adobe in-order to have video playback.
Well there you have it some great trends they are going to help you to get the best web design and a website that your users are going to love it’s a win win situation. Think we have missed something out hear or you love are post give us a share or give us some great comments.

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